Advanced products and expert services provided by experienced specialists in the field of Information Technology

How we can help you

We ensure a wide range of services starting from analyses of your requirements and needs, solution design and implementation up to support and maintenance including training and consulting in the following areas:


We charge your events and services according to various charging criteria and rules and provide consolidated view on customers accounts and invoicing.

IT Service Management

We focus on increasing the effectivity, quality and efficiency of IT services in the private and public sector.


We help you to ensure the safety of a monitored area by using the unique human characteristics of the subjects.


We convert your ideas and vision of own applications into their functional form.


We will share with you our many years of experience in implementing various projects. We help you to analyze your requirements, prepare design and manage the development process.


We help to implement IT solutions in the public sector and digitize state administration.

Our products


Revenue Management and Billing

An advanced platform for charging of prepaid and postpaid services. It enables the pricing of any service provided to end customers and to issue a single invoice for consumed services. The platform can handle complex bundled services. Its flexibility allows reordering and the adaption of individual functional components according to the specific requirements of the client so that these can reflect the expansion of the business.

  • Event charging
  • Invoicing
  • Receivable Accounts
  • Dunning
  • Customized data exports

more about Qubefy


Security based on biometrics

The platform for development of products based on biometrics technologies for the purpose of ensuring safety in public and private sector. In cooperation with leading market players we design and deliver complete solution based on your needs including technological equipment for monitoring of specified areas and access control.

  • Person identification in the frame
  • Analysis and comparison of biometric data
  • Searching registers
  • Fingerprints
  • Demographic analises
  • Multi-level security

Service Desk

Incidents and tickets processing

Service Desk brings the comprehensive tool based on ITIL best practices that serves as IT Service Management solution for large organizations both in the private and public sectors. Our rich experience can also be used through consultations during the implementation project itself.

  • Real experience across various business sectors
  • Process adjustments according customer requirements
  • Consultations during changes implementation
  • Design of service tree structure
  • ITIL v3

Outsourcing of IT services

Complete outsourcing of IT services for smooth functioning of company IT systems based on client specifications. We shoulder all responsibilities for the services provided, including communications with third parties.

  • Operation of corporate IT services
  • Expert consultancy in the field of IT and telco
  • Hosting
  • Supply of hardware and software
  • Tailor-made software

Comprehensive Network Solutions

Network is one of the essential components of an effective IT environment independently of company business type. Our IT professionals align your business needs with appropriate network solution and build a foundation to adopt the latest technologies of leading network components suppliers. As a Value-Added distributor of Nokia we primarily deliver their advanced network components.

  • Routing and switching
  • WAN optimization
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP)
  • Campus LAN solutions

Working qualities


Deeply thought-out vision of products and good planning helps us make full use of team’s potential and achievement of the expected goal.


Teamwork, agile project management and using of modern supporting tools like
Confluence and Jira help us to work quickly and efficiently.


We try to automate and scale up the testing and production environments and manage them using modern tools like OpenShift and Kubernetes.

Personal qualities


Things do not always come out
according to plan. But we do not give up. We will fight with.


Despite all the difficult work and life stages, the core of the team still holds together for over 10 years.


We have never break agreements and terms. And we do not intend
starting with that.